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From glue to Creature

So, after nearly a year of silence, a post. I know. I’d forgotten this place existed too. Ho hum.

As you may or may not have seen in this morning’s Campaign (along with the obligatory po-faced photo – they don’t let you smile. Seriously.), next week, after a happy and award-winning year, I’ll be leaving Isobar, and heading back to east London, to join the management team at Creature London – reuniting, in doing so, with Ed Warren, an old colleague from DLKW, and more recently a Creative Director at mother.  I’ll be working with him, Ivan Purdie (former Corbis bigwig), Ben Middleton, Stu Outhwaite (other mother creative types) and a few other brilliant people. Fuck yeah.

I will write more on Creature, and on why I’m so excited to be making this leap, another time; for now, though, I just wanted to  say thank you to everyone at Isobar in general, and glue and White Sheep Isobar in particular, for the last year. I wang on about the internet a lot, but ultimately, they took a chance on a chap from an ATL Agency who’d been quite vocal about his mistrust of all things ‘digital’ (fortunately, they understood what I was getting at), and I’m extremely grateful for that.

It’s been one hell of a year, but I’ve made some award-winning work with some of the best people in the business (a lot of whom I hope I’ll get to work with again), and made some great friends along the way. It always strikes me as disingenuous when people say they’re sad to leave a place (“just don’t fucking go, then”), but in this case I can say it with absolute honesty – I have a fantastic opportunity to make something amazing with brilliant people. That doesn’t happen often, if ever; and not much else would have prized me out of glue towers (particularly now we have lifts that work).

And so, unlike the horse with the broken leg, I’m going from glue to Creature. It’s going to be awesome. See you there.

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  1. Alan
    July 18, 2011 at 9:54 am

    actually it’s just over a year, not “nearly a year”.

    i’m not being pedantic, i’m being precise

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